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Cologne Summer School on International Perspectives in Teacher Education 2017

Don' t miss this chance and apply now online via this online form! New Deadline: April 30, 2017 - No tuition fees for students of partner universities!

The summer school will consist of a diverse community including international and Cologne students in the field of teacher education. Participants will benefit from a genuine international and intercultural experience! Teacher education at the University of Cologne has been undergoing innovative changes throughout the last years, both in terms of content and structure. These changes correspond with local and global developments that include growing social and cultural diversity in an increasingly globalized society.

Participants of the summer school will be exclusively taught by professors and experts of our university. They will be introduced, among other things, to the German school system and teacher education at the University of Cologne, one of the largest and most renowned teacher education sites in Germany. They will learn state-of-the-art competences which are needed when dealing with diversity and the challenges of inclusion in classrooms.

Courses and Workshops

The program includes perspectives from social and natural sciences and illuminates the roles they play in contexts of inclusive education and teacher education.The summer school consists of four major research-oriented components:

1.) Prof. Henrike Terhart , University of Cologne, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

offers a workshop to elaborate recent experiences and challenges concerning “newly arrived migrant and refugee children in schools”. After looking at the regulatory framework and principles of schooling of newly arrived migrant children in Germany, the workshop will focus on teacher education in the context of globalized societies. Moreover we will use the international knowledge of the group to gather more information about the situation of newcomer students in different countries.

2.) The Center for Teacher Education at the University of Cologne, ZfL

will provide a comprehensive introduction and discussion about innovative methods and projects within teacher training such as the use of an e-portfolio for reflection, workshops on digitalization in the classroom, language courses in refugee shelters or extensive tutoring for pupils in their transitional school phase.

3.) Prof. Andreas Schulz, University of Cologne, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

will introduce students to activities of the university in teacher education practicing inclusion in school lessons of natural sciences. For this project he has recently founded a research group which investigates special needs of learning processes in diverse classes. The research team develops concepts on the optimization of learning for all types of pupils. Special conditions, first results of studies and future tasks and goals are presented to the participants. They are explicitly invited to critically discuss these with Professor Schulz and his team members Stefan Brackertz and Alexander Küpper within the workshop. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the School Lab of the university which is known as "Our Spacecraft Earth" (target group: pupils from 8 to 15 years). After an introduction they will have the chance to do experiments in the context of climate and climate change including astronomical aspectsand experiments on exoplanets, planets of stars beyond the sun. They will be supervised by Cologne students studying natural sciences and are invited to extensively discuss learning goals and procedures.

4.) Dr. Monica van der Haagen-Wulff, University of Cologne, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
and Dr. Michael Lazar, University of Haifa, Israel

will offer a workshop that addresses new challenges for education and teacher education that arise from complex and often ambivalent interconnections of global as well as local influences in the context of “Global Cities.” Who “owns” the City? How is diversity, culture socio-economic inequality, political conflict and resistance negotiated between the conflicting spaces of the local and the global city? What impact does this have on education and democracy? Students will have the opportunity to critically engage with these issues from a theoretical and from an artistic embodied perspective.

All courses and workshops will emphasize student participation, interaction, and diverse and critical discussions. They will be supplemented by projects for self-study chosen by the students related to the
topics of the courses and workshops. This program will be further enriched by contributions from other areas in teacher education such as intercultural education, multilingual and multi-literate classrooms, arts education, the use of videography and digital media, and innovative models of inclusive schooling. In 2015 the "Inclusive University School Cologne" has been founded as a new community school that uses alternative ways of teaching and learning as well as new time models and teaching formats. The participants of this summer school will be introduced to its concept and realization.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for advanced BA students in teacher education or a related field of study or MA students in teacher education in their first year (students of the UoC and from abroad).

We look forward to getting to know you this summer!